The Synergy Skin & Body Bar Experience

Welcome to Synergy Skin and Body Bar. We offer you and your guests a unique and customized event experience with cutting edge technology to tighten and tone in your own home, or at any indoor venue. We do Birthdays, Girls Night In/Out events, Bachelorette parties, or any occasion that brings people together! You do not need a reason to host an event, just look at your calendar and set your date, simple.

Hosting your own Synergy Skin and Body Bar can be a perfect way to do something hands on and fun. We create bonding experiences. Synergy Skin and Body bar will provide you all the tools you need to treat your body, all calorie and guilt free. We can help you work on problem area’s of your body, including stubborn cellulite. Our devices are perfect for areas of the body that diet and exercise has failed, some results can be noticed right away, and some results can be seen over time with multiple sessions. These devices are safe and easy to use for anyone. We follow manufacturers operating instructions for optimal results.

How to reserve your event!

Step One: Pick your date, call or text us @ 754.444.9719 to confirm availability.

Step Two: Choose your devices.

Step Three: Pay your deposit to reserve your date, this will depend on the number of hours of your event and the number of devices being reserved. Balance is due in full no more than 8 hours before your event date. Refunds on deposits can be provided with 72 hours notice in writing. We have a low $350 minimum event order. Some of our guests will choose to split costs with friends when doing a girls night in event. We look forward to meeting you soon and creating something fun for you and your guests.
















Extra set up charges may apply if you have stairways. Please inform us about your location in advance.  Our devices also need to have easy access to outlets. Each attendee will be required to sign a waiver of liability, you will agree in writing that all devices are used at your own risk, including any products you may use. You personally agree to accept all risks when operating devices. In the event you have any concerns about using any technology due to health concerns, please consult a medical professional for advice. If you are pregnant or could be pregnant, please do not use any devices, if you have any conditions that you believe can cause you any harm, please do not partake. Thank you in advance, Team Synergy Skin & Body Bar.