You asked for it! Now here is the deal.

You hosted your Interactive Spa party, had a good time, and now you want to keep up with continuing your progress without hosting again. Here is a chance to use our tightening/toning and lifting technology again in the comforts of your own home! You can switch it up month to month. This deal can be used for anyone, even if you never hosted an event and just want to have a more private experience. The savings is awesome! This will only last till X-mas. You can give this as a gift for that special someone, or use it for yourself. We can send you your gift card code via email or text, all you do is give us that code and and you or your gift recipient can set up the first appointment for the new year!

Includes 2 sessions up to two hours long working time each month on any of our devices. Typically working time runs $85-125.00 an hour. YOUR VIP COST is only $1,500 for the year! If you refer a friend, you will get FREE FIR BODY DETOX or RED LIGHT THERAPY along with your session! Text or Call 754.444.9719 for this offer!

Happy Holidays from your friends at Synergy! We take PayPal, get 6 months to pay NO interest offer.  This is a $4,080 value before the free Red Light or Body Detox when you refer a friend. 

$1,500 Synergy Membership (12 months)

$650.00 Synergy Membership (6 months)




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