The O2 benefits for the Face & Décolletage‬.

Using a stream of pressurized oxygen with our Synergy Oxygen system our treatment will hydrate your skin immediately, making the your skin appear smoother and plumper, it will wake up tired and dull skin so you can get your glow on.  We start with facial steaming for about 10 minutes, this will assist in opening up your pores and  loosen any buildup of dirt for a deeper cleanse with our awesome all natural charcoal cleanser, it is a totally relaxing experience.

  •  We use MATRIXYL 3000 which signals your skin to increase collagen production for firmer more youthful looking skin. Creates smoother and tighter skin with the powerful ARGIRELINE peptide, also known as the natural botox.


  • DECREASE SUN SPOTS – Decreases appearance of sun spots with the powerful antioxidants naturally found in our potent MAP Vitamin C – MAP Vitamin C is a superior choice for Vitamin C as it is light and oxygen stable, and pH balanced for skin.



You don’t need to be wealthy to reap the benefits! Call us today if you like to set up your mobile appointment today, 954.991.9700





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